XENOS XPG 2 Ultra High Speed Writer

  • Consists of a 50 Mhz pattern generator hardware to produce the deflection signal data for the patterns to be written by the SEM, e-beam or FIB system.

  • Implements intelligent writing schemes and shape primitives to take full benefit of limited deflection chain bandwidths.

  • Designs pattern data.

  • Produces respective deflection signals for beam steering of charged particle beams.

  • Upgrades conventional Scanning Electron Microscope to perform advanced electron beam nanolithography on semiconductor materials.

  • Comes with user-friendly and application-based ECP design and control software.

  • Can be combined with an ultra compact piezo stage (100 nm resolution) fitting without costly modifications into almost any SEM workchamber.

For more information, please view the XENOS XPG2 Writer Product Sheet (787 kB .pdf file)