XENOS XeSwitch 1


The XeSwitch fast electrostatic beam blanker allows high speed beam blanking at competitive prices.

The XeSwitch blanker enhances the lithographic performance of Scanning Electron Microscopes by suppressing unintentional exposure between exposed pattern areas. The driver electronics permits beam on and off times in the range of 20 ns and a simple selection of the blanking voltage via the litho software or manual controller.

The XeSwitch blanker is fully compatible with the XENOS lithography systems (XPG2, XeDraw). For the combination with other pattern generators, please contact us.

The actual blanker control is implemented via an optical link. This galvanically isolated connection permits lower line delays than the use of a coaxial link.

The XENOS electrostatic beam blanker can be fully retracted from the optical path in case of standard SEM use for characterisation or can place a Faraday Cup into the beam path for precise beam current measurement. Specially adapted versions are available for a variety of SEM brands.

Please contact us for specifications and prices.