XENOS Precision Lithograhy Stage XeMOVE

The XENOS precise lithography stage XeMove is a low cost system that allows precise x- and y - positioning of the exposure sample for field calibration, alignment and stitching during electron beam lithograhy applications of Scanning Electron Microscopes.

The XeMove stage is equipped with piezo drives for 2 axes and integrated laser measurement system. The compact design does not require mechanical or optical feedthroughs into the chamber.

Travelling ranges are available from 55 x 55 mm up to 120 x 120 mm. A laser measurement system (10 nm resolution) with on-axis alignment and electron beam position correction achieves overlay- and stitching accuracies in the range of 100 nm or better.

The driver electronics is fully compatible to the XENOS lithography systems (XPG2, XeDraw). For the combination with other pattern generators, please contact us.

Stage control is implemented via USB and allows setting of stage movement parameters like acceleration, deceleration and travelling speed. The controller comes with LCD display and joystick for easy stage movement control during setup or as upgrade for manual stages.

Please contact us for specifications and quotes.